The New Washing Machine

After several years, we have now managed to purchase and deliver a new industrial washing machine to replace the current one which was very old and dangerous.  The total price, including shipping and installation was around 7000, but thanks to recent donations, we have achieved this goal.  During May and June 2005 the installation was completed, the wall rebuilt and a new electrical box fitted and wired..   

Old Machine


New Machine



As always in Romania, nothing is ever easy, and so the final stages of this project proved.  Below is Istvan's account of the eventual delivery of the new washing machine.

Yesterday I was in Bucharest to get the washing machine. It was a hell of a day. Anyway it went well until we got there, papers were ready and needed only the stamp and signature, they loaded the car and it was OK. But on the road back the problems began.

First it started to rain. It was not a hot day, rather a rainy day. The machine was covered in plastic so it was OK. Later on the wind was blowing and  it removed the plastic sheet.  After a while we then had a flat tyre. Anyway it was changed in 20 minutes, and we started on the road again. However after a further 10 minutes we had another flat tyre but no 2nd spare tyre.  We were in the middle of nowhere! This became an adventure. The driver started  hitchhiking, got to a place about 25km away and bought a new tyre. He then went another 5km to get fixed the new tyre and fill it up with air. When he was ready he started hitchhiking back to me. The rain started again, he was wet, but after 15 minutes someone picked him up and drove him back to me. In the meantime the police came and me asked me what the hell am I doing there in the middle of nowhere with a van and washing machine. I said I wished to go on but we had no wheel and I was not the driver. Anyway the police were nice, accepted this, and left. The driver arrived back after 2 hours. He fitted the new tyre and we started again. In Busteni we stopped for refreshments, it was now 4pm, but it had at least stopped raining.   In the meantime I called the hospital to make sure they knew that even though we were late we are coming. I was worrying about the man with the crane, and that he might leave. He had offered his services free of charge for us, but how long would he wait ?

Anyway we arrived safely in Mina 1 Mai at 6pm. Everybody was there, including the man with the crane, but he was very upset, telling me that he had been  waiting for us for about 4 hours for which I apologised.  Guess what, it started raining again !

We successfully managed to download the machine without problems. The crane helped to position the machine almost fully in the building, the rest was completed by manual labour.  Guess what, as soon as we finished, it stopped raining and the sun came out.

The administration of this project, from initial analysis, purchase and delivery was complicated and involved many difficulties.  The Charity wishes to record their sincere thanks to Istvan for all his hard work in organising and delivering the new washing.  Without him, we could not have achieved our goal.