North Nibley Steam Fair, 17th June 2006

This years Steam Fair was again a resounding success.  Despite several members not being able to attend, those that did worked very hard in the lovely hot weather. 

Thursday evening putting Paul’s tent up. We were once again situated right in the middle of the classic cars, a good spot for us. Some cakes arrived before hand to Wendy’s house from people that could not attend on the day, Reg's wife Pat, Jenny Hughes (before they left for France), Brenda & Susan ( who is Wendy’s daughter Sarah's friend  she has taken over Sarah's duties)         


A beautiful sunny day,  Wendy, Paul, Vanessa & Peter & Paul’s sister Jane arrived to set up the tent & start the urns etc. Loaded down with all the usual supplies & utensils & tons of cakes.  We had to get the tent ready, get the water boiling & erect the second tent for the tables & chairs which Paul had brought. Paul also surprisingly arrived with a whole pallet load of small bottles of water, with a huge tank and ice cubes to keep it all cool, which was a brilliant idea. We sold it at 80p per bottle, 20p cheaper than our competitors. Tom helped throughout the day and spent some time helping his other cause The Rotary Club. Ken & Shirley Hunt & Bert & Jean Colgrave & John Roche & his friend Wendy came with cakes and helped for a few hours. Jane (paul’s sister) stayed and helped most of the day. Matt & John A completed the attendance and supplemented the workforce.

We had a lot of repeat customers throughout the day as we had kept our prices cheaper than others and lots of good comments about our variety of cakes, quiches and tea. We had plenty of cakes although not as many as previous years, and at the end of the day did not have much left, people were certainly not eating as many cakes as past years though, probably due to the heat. 100 6” quiches were made and sold for 80p each. Only 10 were unsold. We also sold tickets for Teddy Bears but only managed to Raffle 2 of them. One winner gave us the bear back to raffle again and we had our usual photos and  hand outs about the charity. The feeling was that there were not as many people about on the day as last year due to the really hot weather and those that had come out had come prepared with lots of drinks.    Peter, Wendy, Paul  and Vanessa stayed for the whole day and with the help of Paul’s dad & Wendy’s husband Terry, took the tent down and cleared up the site after a very long day.

We made a total of £722.49 on the day after expenses Another £40 has since been made from the sale of some left over cakes and water.

A  massive   thank you to all involved in this enjoyable fund raising event.