North Nibley Steam Fair, 18th June 2005

Days and even weeks before the event, Vanessa and Wendy put together all the equipment and supplies etc. needed for the day, and Paul sorted a tent.

On  the evening of  Thursday 16th Paul, Wendy and Terry (Wendy's husband) went to the field and erected the tent.

Saturday 18th Wendy, Tom, Paul, Vanessa & Peter arrived at the tent  about 8.30 and proceeded to unload cars and vans, light and fill the urns, and get the tent ready.

Paul, had brought with him about 500 mince pies from the bakery where his mum works.

We set to making the tea etc. and selling all the cakes and loads of quiche.

Throughout the day other team members arrived,  mid morning, Laura, Phil & new member Piers, who stayed till about 4.30pm. Derek & Doreen who stayed till the bitter end. John  Roche arrived about 4 ish as he had been working and he ferried all the tent, tables etc.   It was also pleasing to see Bert and Jean

New members Reg and his wife Pat were present.   Pat was a brilliant help serving for a couple of hours.  Ken & his wife Shirley, and Ted and Family who made a short pit stop.

There were apologies from Andy, Allan and Simon who had other commitments. 

Business was brisk all day and it was very hot, but luckily we had a good position near the vintage cars and a through draft when the wind took it upon itís self to blow. We finally packed up serving at 6pm, giving away the left over mince pies and cakes to anyone that walked by, some still gave us money for them, we couldnít even give them away !

We had to dismantle the tent and ferry all the tables etc. back.   This  was done in Johns van and two journeys had to be made, and the team eventually left the field at about 7.15pm

A  massive   thank you to all involved in this enjoyable fund raising event.

We raised a fantastic £729.56  (£738, last year)