North Nibley Steam Fair, 20th June 2004

    8am on Sunday, Wendy, Paul, John, arrived with all the tables & chairs, stoves & urns, bric a brac & cakes etc, Peter & Vanessa, with all the tea, coffee milk, drinks and a ton of cakes & other provisions, publicity handouts etc etc etc, arrived , after the day had been changed by the PTA who we share the tent with, they decided they would do the Sat, and despite many arguments would not budge on the matter.

Also the plot we normally have out tent had been changed and we were moved to near the classic cars, which turned out to be to our advantage, as we were not in competition with the professional food vans.  Tom, Phil (and his grandson Thomas), Derek & Doreen, & Peter B & Allen arrived a little later and we all set to work arranging the tents and setting out stall. We were quite fortunate with the weather and despite a couple of sharp heavy showers, we had a brilliant extra gazebo, courtesy of Paul, which brought extra customers into our shelter.

We also had the most fantastic NNRT tea tent sign which could be seen for miles, also courtesy of Paul.

We had customers from 9am and it never stopped all day long, we ran out of milk and had to get extra from the local on site shop, and for the first time ever we had virtually no cakes left at the end of the day.  Kathleen (tom's wife) came to help clear up and we finally got off the field at 6.30pm, still unloading to do.  A grand sum of 738 was made on the day, a huge thanks to everyone who assisted.