Obituary to Philip Connor who passed away on the 19th November 2007

Philip Connor   (Team Member 1993 -2007)

It is with great sadness that the North Nibley Romania Team announces the death of one of its longest serving members.

Phil as he was known to the members was a “Liverpudlian” through and through. He carried with him the typical Liverpool sense of humour which always cheered people who came into contact with him.

He was the charity historian. He was also responsible for our yearly newsletter which was so popular. This was difficult to produce but he never failed to deliver.

Phil has been to Romania on numerous occasions, and in fact my first meeting with Phil was behind the wheel of our van after an epic journey to Romania by road, some 1800 miles each way.

This journey, he was to repeat many times until he encountered heart problems, which sadly spelled the end of the travels that he loved so much.

Everyone who undertook the journey with him grew to love his ready wit, calming manner, and his wonderfully big heart. He was also a very good driver which reflects in the number of trips he undertook.

Even though his visits to Romania ceased, Phil continued to work tirelessly for his Romanian friends, and always included them in his prayers. I cannot remember many meetings where Phil was not present. He always blessed our meetings with a prayer at the start, and finished the meeting with a prayer of thanks. He contributed to our discussions with a wise head, and always kept our feet firmly on the ground.

Phil is one of the bravest men that I have ever met. He knew what the likely future was, but not once did we hear a word of complaint. He always had a kind word for everyone and a word of encouragement where needed.

Phil never wavered in his faith, and was an active member of the Congregational Church in Market Harborough, right to the end.

The world is a better place for the time he spent on this earth.

He did make a difference.

In honour of this difference, during the survey trip of 2010, a plaque was mounted in his memory.  We chose the hospital for several reasons. Only Garofita in the school knew Phil. And the likely result would be is that it would not be looked after, and even painted over. We chose the entry to our flat area because it was sited on our own partition and was visible by both the hospital inmates, and our team as they passed to get to the flat. This way his memory would live on with the hospital patients and staff, and also the team members

plaque1.jpg (103092 bytes)          plaque3.jpg (63614 bytes)           plaque2.jpg (92120 bytes)          

We can only try to live up to his shining example.

God Bless you Phil