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Sunday 19th May 2013, 13:00 at Market Harborough.

Other Dates

Summer Visit : Proposed to be one to two teams between the end of May and end of June.  Dates to be confirmed.

Latest News

Subsequent to the April meeting, it was agreed we would try and arrange for two teams for the summer visit.  One would be to primarily build a storeroom in the flat where the old stove resided, thus releasing the second bedroom for general use.  The second team would be primarily based around care assisting. Availability of members to be agreed and dates to be confirmed in the near future.

Due to the snow, the AGM in January 2013 had to be postponed and rescheduled for April 2013.

For the first time that can be remembered, we had two small trips during the Winter of 2012, again both enjoyed and valuable.

We had a successful summer trip in 2012, maybe not our biggest, but certainly still valuable.

It is with great sadness that we have to report Bert Colgrave passed away in May 2012.  Bert had been with the charity nearly from its inception, and had been seen as the Patriarch of our small charity.  Despite ill health, and with the loving care of Jean, Bert still managed to attend many of our meetings, despite the inconvenience of the travel.  Bert will be fondly remembered by all for his character, his commitment, and most of all, for the love and care he gave to others.  Click here for an extended tribute to Bert. 

A replacement car has been purchased.  The original Dacia which has served us so well, no longer became viable to maintain as roadworthy.  Click here for more details.

Although a 2011 summer visit did not take place this year, Laura, Simon and the boys visited the hospital as part of a 'working' holiday.  Click here to see a report of their visit.

The charity is currently celebrating its 21st Anniversary.  Matt Bigwood has created a 15 minute video, giving a history of the charity to-date.  It includes interviews with villagers in Romania, and NNRT members.  Click here to watch the video.

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Allan Hughes passed away in September 2011.  Allan had been a valued member, and visited Romania on a few occasions.  He blended his dry humour with a serious side which allowed him to be a fun member of a team, and contribute to the charities projects with constructive ideas. He will be sadly missed by all.  Our condolences go to Jenny and all his family.

For the very latest updates on the activities of the Charity, and life in the hospital and village, why not check out the blog maintained by our translator Istvan, Click here to link to it.

 During the recent visit in March 2007, a short video about the NNRT and our current project was created by Matt and John, and has now been 'published' on the youtube website.  Click here to view the video.


We have been involved in many significant projects over recent years :

Replacing the underground steam heating

Renovation of the hospital kitchen

Building of a dental surgery for the hospital

Rebuilding of the state of the art doctors surgery for the village

  The tasks we have achieved are but a small part of a bigger picture.  Rewiring of the hospital will go on for several more years.  New projects are identified and assessed each year.