The New John Roche Doctors Surgery, 2007

The project for 2007 was to convert the existing 'Doctors Surgery' in the village a modern facility.   The building in its original state was falling to bits, filthy, and a health hazard in itself.  This would prove to be the biggest technical project ever undertaken by the Charity.

The team worked over a four week period to basically rebuild the premises, revamp the interior, and create a surgery as good as the standard of many you would find in the UK.  Much of the initial work completed over the first two weeks could not have been achieved without the efforts and direction of John Roche (with no disrespect to the magnificent achievements of other team members).  Despite a serious problem with his hip, and being in a lot of pain, John soldiered on and never complained.  The Charity felt it a fitting tribute that the new surgery should reflect his efforts, so John, we were proud to open this new facility in your name.

Below are photographs of the various stages of the project, and how a run down house became a superb new facility.  For full details of the visit, and the tasks performed, please see the 2007 Visit Report.

Before Images

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        The Hard Work

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The Finished Product, Grand Opening With TV And Media Coverage


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