The New Dental Surgery, 2006

Unfortunately, for the first time in many years, we had insufficient skilled members available to attend during the summer visit and work on the projects identified for this year.  The prime project for 2006 was to build a Dental Surgery within the downstairs storage area of the flat.  It was decided that to facilitate this task, we would employ skilled local labour to perform the work, under the management of Istvan. 

During the July visit of Andy and Vanessa, the initial work was commenced, with the demolition of appropriate walls.

The Dentist was brought from Vulcan to review the room, and advise us of exactly where she wanted the dental cart, basin, water etc, so that the layout of pipes and electricity could be confirmed.  After much discussion this was agreed as was the requirement to remove and increase the size of the external facing window.

A terms of reference for the work and rates of employ for the local work force were agreed.

We subsequently received regular updates from Istvan.  There were concerns about the commitment of some of the workers, and also haggling over the payment rates.  These were mostly resolved and work has appeared to continue well, if slowly.   It is hoped the work will completed for the Autumn visit team to view and sign-off.  To those of you who know the Flat, the following photos of the progression will highlight the big changes that have occurred.




During the December visit by Andy and Derek, the Dental Surgery was officially opened.  All legal documents were signed off, and the first patient received treatment on the 12th December 2006.