The City Of Brasov

Brasov is the second largest city in Romania, and is about three hours drive from Bucharest.  It is one of the few cities in Romania boasting a tourist trade, primarily from the exclusive skiing resort of Poina Brasov.


An industrial centre, it also boasts traditional architecture, plus growing modern shopping facilities.  There are now some good hotels at fair prices (to us, not the Romanians).  On the outskirts of the city you can even find 'The Metro' one of the few exclusive Cash and Carry / Superstore facilities in Romania which is used regularly by the NNRT for provisions and materials.  Mina-1-Mai is only about 25km from Brasov, yet the differences in lifestyles is unbelievable.  Some areas of Brasov are affluent, yet little of this seems to have found its way to assisting the needy causes in villages such as Mina-1-Mai.


But people are not the only visitors to the City.  Occasionally 'locals' from the nearby mountains can be found searching for food at residential areas.