Obituary to Bert Colgrave who passed away on the 16th May 2012

Bert Colgrave   (Team Member 1993 -2012)

It is with great sadness that the North Nibley Romania Team announces the death of one of its longest serving members, and by many seen as the Patriarch of our charity.

Bert has been to Romania on numerous occasions, many when the trip was made in old trucks by road, some 1800 miles each way.

Even though his visits to Romania ended due to ill health, Bert continued to inspire the charity and its team members, to continue with the valuable work we do.  Despite the inconveniences of a wheelchair, and the travel associated with it, he still managed to attend most meetings.  This was largely due to the love and care given to him by his wife Jean, who knew how much Bert still wanted to be involved.  Bert continued to contribute at our meetings, and still showed great wit and humour.

Bert is one of the breed of genuine, caring, loving people, always putting others ahead of himself.  He was a leader, not in a ruthless way, but looking after those he was caring for.  And by this he gained the respect of all those around him. A quality not many people can say they have.

In honour of this commitment to the charity, during the second winter trip of 2012, a framed photograph of him was mounted in his memory.  We chose to place it in the dining area of the flat within the hospital complex used by the charity.  It was felt this was most suitable as future teams would be able to look up and see Bert, looking over them, inspiring them with all he has given, and that he was still part of the love we are giving, still part of our team.                              

We can only try to give the love and care Bert to not only our friends in Romania, the charity members, but all his friends and family he left behind.

God Bless you Bert

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